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Handbrake Adjustment


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Hi All,

Just getting round to my first MOT. Car has been amazing for me so far this year and loving it a great deal for many reasons.
Anyway, the handbrake holds just fine, but comes up a little more than it used to, that will be my partner though, she pulls it right up past we’re it needs to be 😄
I thought I would tighten the cable up a little before the MOT and basically, I don’t know how. I’ve normally just pulled the gator up around the handbrake lever with cars and tightened the nuts, but this car doesn’t have this option, is it done at the other end near the disc?
I really should get a manual I guess…
It’s a 2017 Auris Hybrid.
Thanks for your help…

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I don’t think you can adjust the handbrake cables from the discs end. The cables only clip in place and there are no adjustable nuts there. If the handbrake is biting higher up you may want to check the pads condition first and if ok then to look under the centre console there should be a 10mm nut for adjustment of the cable snug , but the operation of the handbrake itself will be pretty much the same, only less travel. Here better picture. 👍


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