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(2013) Is there any way to get the bluetooth message to not show over my rear camera?


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My Avensis seems very proud and happy to announce whenever it's connected to my phone, or what radio station is on, each time I start the car. This pops up every time at the top of my screen shortly after I start the car, and displays over the camera image. I'd go as far as to say this is a potential safety risk if I'm looking at the camera image and this pops up. Is there any way to get rid of it? I don't want any messages over my camera image.

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First I have ever heard about this. I don't have that system so cannot help in detail. If you have the manual, it may or not, instruct how to set up the system. Depending on the phone and how new it is, some brands especially recent Samsung (Bixby routines), can set routines to mute message alerts when bluetooth is connected to specific devices. Not sure about iPhones. 

More info on your audio system and what phone you are using. Someone then might be able to help you.   

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I hope the title can be altered from REAR to Reversing. 

I have a similar issue after starting.  We try and note the sequence when next I go out.  I think it is a pop up that overrides the camera. 


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