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Transmission fluid for 2007 Estima Hybrid?

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Hi all,

Posting on behalf of my father. 

Changing gears is a bit awkward.. (can’t remember the exact issue but I’ll update later)

A local mechanic said the transmission fluid is due a change as he ran his diagnostics and everything came back fine.

What oil should my father use? The mechanic said he has placed an order but I’m not sure what he’s purchased and I don’t want to risk my father getting ripped off so any advice is appreciated, thanks.




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Assuming the car is the 2nd gen Estima hybrid (model change in 2006) you should fill the transaxle(s) with Toyota ATF WS.

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The AHR20 Hybrid uses the P311, it's not a conventional CVT, and it requires the correct fluid what is Toyota FE


AHR10 uses the THS-C system (P210 gearbox) and requires Toyota TC

4wd hybrids use a rear motor not a prop and diff


Incorrect fluid can wreck a gearbox

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