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prius plug in cables


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Does any body know whether I should have two cables in my Prius plug in I only seem to have a type 2 the dealer says the car was supplied new with only that cable and not the three pin home charge cable (type 1)

I find that hard to believe so second question how do I contact Toyota to confirm whether my model should have a type 1 cable before I go back to the dealer

Grateful for any comments



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Just to clarify when talking about charging, Type 1 and Type 2 refers to the design of the connector for the plug/socket, some early EVs and PHEVs used Type 1 connectors, but more recent EVs, PHEVs and the Prius PHEV 2nd generation (Prime) use a Type 2 connector, so both cables will be Type 2 cables. If you talk about Type 1 cables for your Prius it may lead to confusion.

For the charging types, there is Mode 2 charging which charges from a normal 13A socket using a charging cable with a built in controller unit (also known as a granny charger). Mode 3 charging is using a dedicated EV charge-point, using a cable with a type 2 connectors on each end.

You want to know whether the Prius was supplied with a Mode 2 Type 2 (granny) charging cable.

I got my Prius used, but it came supplied with both original Toyota Mode 2 and Mode 3 cable sets, but I don't know whether that was standard or an extra or added option.

If yours wasn't supplied with one and you don't get anywhere with Toyota, you can get after-market granny cables, Screwfix sell them for £175.

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you are quite right I was a bit confused it is the type 2 cable that I need and only have the type 3 in the car. Another contributor has given me the Toyota contact details so I will pursue that to see if I have a case and thanks for the heads up about Screwfix I might yet have to resort to buying one

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Mine came with two cables. 

One was for connecting to a wall box with a type 2 socket.

The other was for connecting to a 13 amp socket. This includes an intermediate box to handle the signalling.

However, mine was a 2018 model, Toyota might have changed the standard accessories in the meantime.

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