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Satnav touch screen out of alignment


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Apologies if this subject has been discussed before....first time user here.

We have a 2017 Rav4 and in the last 12 months the Satnav Touch screen is not allowing you the press the correct button. For example, you'll press 'A' and it doesn't acknowledge that you've pressed the button or entered a nearby letter, NOT the letter you tried. Same with any other function on the touch screen, such as trying to answer a call.

Toyota want £150 to do a diagnostic test on it to see what's wrong, but they are saying that we may need a whole new Satnav unit and they doubt warranty will cover this fault.

Any suggestions, tips, advice on either how to fix it ourselves, what to do, what to ask Toyota for or should we just not bother wasting our time, causing stress or waste our money????!!! Thanks!

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Sounds very expensive if you need a new sat nav unit.
Doesn’t really answer your question but other option is you could buy a TomTom unit. I have never used the inbuilt sat nav on any of the RAVs I have owned. Never liked the graphics. Only down side is TomTom on window. 

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I can't help at all - other than to say this issue has been raised before:

It does appear that the infotainment system is excluded from warranty (even if you have it) and the replacement cost is high. Sorry ... 😞

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