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Wheel Bearings Advice Please

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Hello everyone, I need front wheel bearings renewed, I can't afford official Toyota spares at present, so was looking on eBay, though the matches I found had a chassis number for FWD--_B1_, when I put in the Aygo, 2012, 1.0 litre petrol hatchback info, yet my vin number is JTDKG18C50N0552 (not sure if both number zeros).

I can't find any info in my documents, owners manual regarding the chassis number eBay listings have of the FWD--_B1_?

Toyota's health check have the replacement number of parts in the attached photo.

I'm new to the forum so please bear with me, I'm trying to keep my car with recent life changes and would be very grateful for advice, thankyou, Keith


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Go with SKF bearings, B10 comes from the model code of the Mk1 aygo eg. KGB10 or WNB10


going by your vin your Correct vin your model code is KGB10R-AHMGKW, Built 07/2012


SKF - VKBA 3684



BluePrint ADT38290


If you want a more cost effect bearing, you can't go far wrong with

Febi 173632 - eg.  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334431517556


Be aware you will either need a hub and bearing puller, or get them pressed in/out - the bearings have an ABS ring this needs to face inboard





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Hi Flash22,


Thankyou very much for such a detailed reply with information and links, I appreciate your time in helping me, I used to have a Ford Probe before the Aygo, learned about that somewhat but at this time having to source parts myself and I'm not familiar with the Aygo mechanical side of things, the Toyota garage always sorted that for me, but I know part matching is obviously very important.

I didn't think anyone knew yesterday so ordered a pair in the following link, the seller is fast at replying and said these would be fine, but obviously your opinion would be most grateful.

I can't do this type of work myself and will use a trusted cheap local garage who used to do a few jobs on my probe, there doesn't appear any sizes on the listing bearers I ordered this morning.

Could you kindly have a look and give me your opinion, I screenshot the options I filled in for my car for the bearings in the eBay listing which I believe are right.

Thankyou Flash22, I'll be more patient in waiting on future replies before ordering, but I was worried about the work needing doing in the coming week, kindest regards Keith 



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don't be surprised if it needs doing again in 12-18 months,


in this case I would get the garage to supply and fit as if a bearing fails the garage is liable to repair it within the first 12 months - if you supply it then it fails you will have to pay for the job again

ps. your clutch has a cable and a manual adjuster, the clutch may just need adjustment rather than replacement

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Hi Flash, thankyou again for checking the listing and replying with your advice, much appreciated as I didn't know this, I'll wait for the parts and check with garage get quote for the bearing that needs doing, just to tide me over and hopefully in the coming months with more funds get the pair replaced with the ones in the link you sent, and also see in September what needs doing M.O.T. wise.

I'm glad you also mentioned the clutch, I've not had any concerns or noticed any difference with it in driving the car nearly 7 years now and when they said high bite, I wasn't too worried because I've not noticed a problem plus like you said the clutch can be adjusted at times, as I had that done once on my probe, so a £600 bill alone for this job for something I don't think really needs replacing, I'm glad you mentioned try adjusting first 👍

(If it's ok, I'll P.M. you the work the garage noted in the coming week, I only took it in for simple welding quote for the hanger, they insisted on health check and then came back with £2000 quote for half a dozen jobs)

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