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Camry vs Avensis????


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Currently have a 2017 1.8 manual BE avensis tourer. Owned since new. Boring but good car 55k on the odo.  Contemplating getting a 71 plate ex demo hybrid camry excel.  Has anyone driven/owned both?


I do mostly rural driving at 40-60mph. Avensis gets 44mpg with this use - a bit less in winter. On dual carriageway at about 62mph can get 54mpg. Is the camry likely to beat these figures by much?

Is the ride on the 18" excel wheels suitable for rural/bumpy roads?

Any stories/real world input gratefully received.

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I had a 2009 Avensis Tourer and switched to a Camry 2.5l hybrid 2019, last year.

I miss the boot of the tourer as although the Camry has good size you don't get the height that you get with an estate. But really enjoying the Camry. It seems as smooth as the Avensis on all roads if not smoother.

When at 75mph long journeys it does about 55 mpg and if careful around 50mpg on rural village to village. The saving is made as at 30mph through a village it does almost completely on Battery power.

Hope that helps. If you don't need the boot sapce of the Avensis tourer then Camry is a nice replacement and very few of them on the UK roads!

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I have a 2020 Camry Excel. I hear from Irish you tuber 'Nobby' that the 2021 model is not quite as frugal as the 2020 Camry model. I get around 50 mpg average which can extend to about 53 mpg on a long run.  The 2 things you may miss the most from your Avensis Tourer is the high roof storage of the tourer and the manual gear change if you like manuals. All Camry hybrids are CVT automatics. Also I don't think mpg is going to make much difference. 

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