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Air Con Recirc

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I usually have my CC set to auto and 20 and recently when I get in the car the fan speed is high but seems to slow down fairly quickly.  With temperatures set to soar in the coming days I was wondering if it had auto recirc at high cabin temperatures?  My last car did but I haven't noticed it in my Corolla.

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The car usually switches between outside air and recirculating automatically and all that depending 3 factors:  
- outside air temperature, sunlight and cabin temperature settings.
I have my one set at 22C° manual mode air flow towards dashboard middle and feet. AC ON currently because it’s hot and the car at first switch to recirculating until cabin cools off and then it’s switching back to outside air as that is what I prefer. While I am travelling if any of the 3 above changes the car reacts accordingly. For example you feel hot and reduce the cabin temperature to 20C° the car will switch to recirculating to quickly cool off and once the desired temperature has been reached it will go to outside air again. Very smart climate control. Also when you turn off ignition after a while the car hvac is still alive and pre sets flaps inside dashboard to be ready for later., I can hear the actuators are working and flaps are moving. 👌👍 The car hvac is automated no matter if you choose manual or auto mode. The mode is only for air flow inside the cabin and fan speed. The temperature of the blowing air is maintained by the car ecu. 

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