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Toyota Avensis seat heater not working


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So, I have Toyota Avensis 1999 and seat heaters aren't working at all. Light on the heater switcher is on when the heater switch is pressed. Any ideas what might be broken? Is it the whole seat heater or fuse or something else?

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Try wiggling the wires with engine on.

to see it it come on if not remove key and split the plugs apart can you see any burning if so clean with up or buypass using your own male/female plugs.

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You can use a ohm meter to check for a low resistance across heating circuit once you part the plugs. 

Compare it to seat opposite if not the same take another reading where the wiring enters the seat

stick a needle through each wire.

If resistance is still high you looking at a fnew heating pad so may need a mobile upholststerer.

But note not all will repair electrical faults most dont carry seat heating elements but may bring a new one with them if you insist it is fitted before they take the job on.

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