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TDC for valve adjustment?

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Im trying to adjust my valve clearances (1zzfe engine) and im trying to get my engine at TDC with the markers but its difficult to get it at a point where the markers are set and all the valves are completely closed, it seems like 1/2 of the valves are still slightly depressed?

Does anyone know if all the valves are supposed to be completely closed at TDC?

And if one or 2 of the valves are still supposed to be slightly open, how/is it easy to put the camshaft back on under slight valve pressure?

Thanks if anyones got any ideas

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Cheers for that info Flash, the issue/question is ive got my engine locked  at/as close to TDC as possible before i take my camshafts off but it looks like a couple of the valves are still slightly open/depressed by the cam lobes (and i cant seem to get it otherwise), is that right are not all of the valves supposed to be completely closed?

And if that is right how do you refit the camshaft under slight valve pressure, or is this just routinely done by the tightening of the bolts down?

Anyone any idea at all?

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Some of the valves for the other cylinders will be partially open at TDC (they are mid-cycle). This is why there is a hex or squared section on the camshafts so that you can rotate and hold them in the correct location in relation to the cam gear. See the instructions that Bob shared.

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