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Toyota Hybrid Auxiliary Battery Charge

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Toyota guidance as follows:

Toyota hybrids generally contain two batteries: a 12-volt Battery (which powers systems such as the headlamps and audio) and a high-voltage hybrid system Battery (which supplies the power to start the combustion engine and drive the electric motors).

The simplest way to maintain charge in both of these batteries is to simply go through the normal start procedure: press the ‘Start’ button with your foot on the brake and ensure the ‘Ready’ light is illuminated on the dashboard.

We recommend you put the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes before switching it off again and repeat the process at least once a week.

With regards to the information above, I'm interested to know what is the charging rate from the hybrid system Battery to the auxiliary battery whilst in ‘Ready’ mode.

(Toyota Corolla Hybrid 1.8 owner)

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My understanding is that it charges as fast as it needs to. Frankly, I don't bother about it. Just drive the car normally and it takes care of itself.

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This with the ready mode for 30 or 60 min need to be done only if you don’t drive the car at all or you do very infrequently, otherwise as mentioned, just drive as usual . 👍

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