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Corolla GRS Dab

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Hi, had a look in the forum but couldn't see any threads so -

I just recently traded in my 3 yr old Excel for a brand new GRS. To be honest there's not a lot of difference except for a few changes in the looks, the HUD and one less USB port.

However, the most frustrating thing I have found is that my DAB radio keeps losing it's signal. It is only in certain areas but areas and routes I travel frequently and I never ever had this issue with the Excell. I can be driving along an open road and the signal goes only to return about 2 seconds later, then it happens again and again. Not sure if DAB is line of sight but either something - nothing obvious - is in the way or the aerial in the car is just not good enough.

The only thing I do have to go on is it never happenned with the Excel.

Occasionally I also see a message saying the interconnection has been lost.

This might sound a small thing but when doing a lot of driving and listening, and it keeps happenning , it is annoying and I find it raises my stress levels.

I wonder if anyone has had similar experiences or has any thoughts on this before I approach Toyota.

Much appreciated.

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I experienced this once in our MINI and it turned out to be the USB adapter in the cigar lighter socket. bought a better one and no more problems. I assume cheap ones have little or no screaming or are just electrically noisy. 

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Do you have a dash cam running. I believe some can upset the dab signal. 

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No Dashcam and it is all integrated. I have a USB stick so might take that out plus maybe I should reset the tuning once i find out how to do that. Once again, never happened with the Excel.

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The new screen without the buttons has an unusual feature, internet radio. It appears if you loose signal it will find the streaming version of the radio station so it means you can listen to local radio when you are a good distance from home.  This takes a few seconds to search and perhaps buffer.  Other radios I have had in the past switch to FM if the DAB is poor, perhaps that is quicker.

Radio signals are more susceptible to interference in high pressure weather situations, which we have had recently so perhaps when the weather resorts to UK normal the situation will improve.

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Maybe that's why sometimes I see the message 'No internet connection' which means it's a complete loss of signal but I am still sticking by the fact it never happenned at all in the Excel in my 3 years of owning it. Althought the fact that no one else seems to be having the problem means it could be just coincidence. More checks required I think.

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