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Beams 3sge runs very rich and hunts for signal

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Hi I am very new to forums and this site. I have several Toyota's but my newest project is a 98 Tacoma 2wd with a 5th gen Beams and 6 speed. I solved the wiring and ECU problems by going with Panic wiring and Links Monsoon G4 ECU. Increase in HP as well as fuel milage and revs to 9000rpm. After the truck was tuned on the dyno, we took it on a trip of just over 1000 miles (I am in the US) and the truck did great. After we got back it started burning rich, very rich then fouling plugs. I had the O2 sensor replaced, plugs changed, throttle body changed. ECU was sent back to be checked out and its good. It idles good at 700 rpm, but the minute you touch the throttle is starts hunting for a signal with the engine rpm's going up and down rapidly. If its a fuel problem which sensor controls the amount of fuel to the injectors past idle?  Any help would be greatly appricated.  Thanks

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This is mainly a UK based forum and yes we do use miles and imperial measurement but use metric


I would pull the injectors and get them tested

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