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But.....which one........

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Hi all,

Thanks for allowing me to join. Long time Toyota owner from Norfolk.

Had HiAce, Granvia, Auris and now have a HiLux but....I live in the UK half the time and drive to Portugal for the other half, although at present, not in a Toyota but a Very nice company Skoda Superb. I'm here to glean info from the forums as I wish to purchase either a Estima or a Vellfire/Alphard to do the journey when the Skoda goes back to the lease company, which is imminent.

Really fancy a Vellfire but dont fancy having to tow a fuel tanker behind me for 1500 miles 🙂 So, let's see!

Cheers all



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welcome, Richard.

Nice dilemma to have.!....both are great vehicles of course.

I have the mkII 3 litre V6 Estima (nearly 7 years now) and I still love it..and it's nothing like as bad on fuel consumption as most people would assume.

I guess it's personal choice..the Alphard is probably roomier being more van-like..I did consider one but simply liked the styling of the Estima more.

I've never regretted my choice.

Good luck

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Thanks all.

Other issue is dont seem to be many Vellfire/Alphard/Estimas in or around Norfolk to view. Seen a few on their way to the Norfolk Broads (i reckon) but short of waving them down and asking to look at their car, looks like i'm going to have to travel.

I did see a beautiful Alphard in Tesco car park the other day and hung around like a weirdo waiting for the owner to re-appear, but I got bored and went home. Also it was a camper conversion from Andys Imports so not "stock" like I would want.

Any recommendations on dealers would be welcome, if that is allowed.

Thanks again for info.


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