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Scratch on rear bumper

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Somebody has put a scratch on the rear painted bumper of my 2019 Yaris. It is just over an inch long , what is the best product to use to cover it up?

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Might be an idea to ask your local SMART repair person / place for a repair quote.

Something / someone like Chipsaway ( other SMART repair companies are available ) 

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I should answer this with the word "Paint", but that would be inappropriate. 

Another option instead of a smart repair is a touch up paint pen which are available.


There are also some paint companies who will mix up the right colour for you in a rattle can tin. It really depends on how much you want to spend, and how competent and capable you feel you would be in touching up something like this yourself. 


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Send a picture to the company mentioned by Forkingabout. They will tell you if it is worth them doing it or if it would be better for you to use a 2 pen touch up kit available from good car shops. It may save you a few pounds. 

Doing it yourself is OK but have a look on YouTube there are a few good videos on how to get the best results.


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Many thanks for the replies.The scratch is a single line about two inches long so I will probably try the pen.

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