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Malfunction, VSC and TPMS lights all on.


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Hi, all 3 warning lights have come on my girlfriend's Aygo. The car only does a few thousand miles a year and recently needed a new clutch after that went. 

We had diagnostics done and the garage said it was an oxygen sensor. The garage said one of the sensors was stuck and had to replace the whole exhaust, and replaced the other sensor. However the lights came back on as she was driving it home.

Took it back and the garage said they couldn't find any reason why they were coming on, reset them and we took it home only for them to come back on again.

Any ideas what could be causing the issues? Thanks.

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Most likely the car has suffered the issue listed in Technical service bulletin EG-0009T-0115 where a modified Oxygen sensor & Engine ECU reprogramme is required to fix, The stuck sensor is highly dubious, never seen one on an Aygo and your garage likely made a fair price when they weighed your Catalytic convertor in for scrap.

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My own feelings are a lot of garages don't know how to diagnose a fault and just keep changing components until the fault goes away, and the customer coughs up for all the unnecessary work.

This is what is happening with my daughter's Rav4 unfortunately 😟


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