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Toyota tech

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I was reading in a newspaper yesterday about a BMW M4 owner complaining about a juddering from the vehicle whilst driving . The journalist thought that the problem may lie in the brake drying system ,which heats the disks in wet weather, may be operating all the time and warping the discs. I was wondering what tech Toyota may have built into their cars that a driver may have no idea is fitted to the vehicle.

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Hybrid indeed.   There are possibly 4 types of owner. 

1 Those that use the car as is,  typically as, a hire car. 

2 Those that press buttons and explore. 

3 Those that read the manual. 

4 Those that read both printed and online manuals 

And just because you reach option 4 does not mean you have learnt everything.   Only after 2.5 years did I discover the boot fences to stop stuff rolling into the side wells. 

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Exactly as Roy says. I've had my C-HR for almost a year now, and I'm still learning and loving it.

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I was thinking more of tech that isn’t mentioned in the manual such as the brake drying system on the BMW. 

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