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Suggestions to change or upgrade Entertainment or infotainment system on Yaris 2016

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Hello everyone, I am new owner of a 2016 yaris.

I need your expertise. Could anyone tell me if it is possible to upgrade or change the entertainment system (I think it is Touch 2 but there is no sat nav)?
If yes, what is recommended and what to avoid?

Thank you 🙂

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Avoid no name Chinese tat


Best bang for the buck, Pioneer SPH-DA160DAB

you will need a

facia adapter - Connects2 - CT23TY57 - there are a few different ways to fit a double din this is 1 method

Aerial, steering wheel controls and usb adapters (Connects2 do this in a kit - CTSTY015.2)


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Thank you for the suggestion. Will this work with the reverse camera?

Is Pioneer the only system which will work or are there others available or recommended?

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There are loads on the market stick with the brand names - sony isn't great quality, the pioneer gives a good balance of features



CTSTY015.2 includes the camera retention cable adapter

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