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C-HR Roof Box

Chris Barwick

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I have a 2022 C-HR (in UK). Looking at Thule roof boxes, can anyone recommend correct size / model ? I read somewhere that length would be best to be less than 160cm due to tailgate issues.



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Hi Chris some years ago when I was looking for a roof box I took my car with the roof bars on to my local Halfords and we put the box on the car loose to double check the spoiler didn't hit the roof box.

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Thule provide a means to determine whether their boxes will fit by measuring the distance between the tailgate and the front roof bar. See the link "Will the product make contact with the hatch?" on each product description page.

If I understand correctly, with the C-HR you have some latitude as to where you position the cross bars - I can't see any fixed points on my wife's C-HR. So I believe that:

  • A Thule Force XT S being a small sized box will easily fit - needs only 971 mm
  • A medium sized box such as the Thule Force XT M might just fit - needs 1153 mm

There are other medium sized box options.

Measuring with a tape I recon that one could reasonably position the front roof bar 1200 mm from the tailgate (but don't take my word for it!!!).

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