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Sr 180 poor mpg


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So then

There is a long topic and an answer, but i got lost and confused with the bits in between.

Poor mpg sr180, was it the dpf or the 5th spark plug thing or a sensor.

My car is very poor average 27mpg and 29 on a long run.

Any help please 58 plate sr180


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Did you get your car checked out by a trustworthy mechanic? Anything wrong found?

Again, I don't live in the UK, but since the war in the Ukraine happened, in my country the diesel quality being sold plummeted. And not only in my country, but I do know that in Spain, there are a lot of complaints regarding diesel quality.

I believe that the cetane number is lower nowadays, and that is causing issues with diesel cars and buses, I believe to avoid diesel rationing.

Get your car checked out. If nothing wrong found, maybe it is diesel quality related.

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