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Show last post when you click thread title.

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I have been struggling with the forum as i didn't know you could set it to show the last post in a thread when you click the forum title.

(especially useful for threads you have already viewed)

Could it be set as the default setting to save members getting frustrated?

If not here is how to set it for those who haven't found it - 

Click the arrow next to your username (top right of screen)

Then click - 

Account settings.

Content view behaviour.

Take me to latest content.


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Down to people's preference really.

Also, when entering a topic, below the title is a box showing how many pages there are (1, 2, 3, etc), and if one clicks on >>, the topic goes to the latest page.


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On my pc I was using the post time link on the far right of the screen which lkind of worked but I don't see it on my phone, most forums I use are set to show latest posts when you click the thread title so people get used to it being the default  for forums, it's just a suggestion feel free to ignore it 😉

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