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DRL front ligths... It's done...💪💪

Sérgio Alves

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They look cool, I've always thought about doing DRL's but have got scared about the wiring because of the auto lights.

Like the way you've fitted them to the headlights, i always thought it would have to be fog light replacements or small aftermarket ones in the "grille"

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Vou tentar explicar como fiz para colocar as luzes dos mínimos como drl.


Lâmpada LED W16W Osram LEDriving SL 12V 2,9W Conjunto 2 pcs. Luz branca 6000K

Referência: 921DWP-02B

Mandei vir do site: www.leonleds.com

E um repartidor de fusiveis ( ver imagem) comprei na Norauto

Em primeiro lugar separei (cortei) os fios da ligação original do carro para fazer um sistema autónomo. Passei um cabo de 2 fios de uma ótica à outra.

Colocar o repartidor de fusiveis na box que se encontra do lado direito no compartimento do motor. Daqui fui buscar a energia (+) para quando ligar a ignição ligar as lâmpadas.

E o fio da massa (-) basta conectar ao chassi do carro.

Agora irei montar um kit/ módulo de forma que quando ligar os médios as lâmpadas do mínimos fiquem com 50% da intensidade ( fica a funcionar como os drl normalmente funcionam).

Site de  compra: www.oscarparts.com







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I'll try to explain how I did to put the lights of the minimum so drl.

Material: LED lamp W16W Osram LEDriving SL 12V 2.9W Set 2 pcs. White light 6000K Reference: 921DWP-02B I had it come from the site: www.leonleds.com And a fuse splitter (see image) bought in Norauto

Firstly I separated (cut) the wires from the original connection of the car to make an autonomous system.

I passed a two-wire cable from one optical to the other. Place the fuse splitter in the box on the right side of the engine compartment.

From here I went to get the power (+) for when you turn on the ignition turn on the lamps. And the mass wire (-) just connect to the car chassis.

Now I will assemble a kit / module so that when you turn on the mediums the minimum lamps are 50% of the intensity (it is working as the drl normally work).

Buying site: www.oscarparts.com

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