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Notts Police - Toyota Yaris

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In addition to using Toyota Aygos since 2020, last year Notts Police added a further five Aygos and five Yaris Hybrids to their fleet -


IMG 0142 scaledCropped.png

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That row of angry-looking Yarisuseses just looks to me like they're getting ready to murder someone :laugh: 

Good choice for urban tho, got the stamina to drive all day, and the quick steering rack and agility with the high burst acceleration will help with quick response. Crims will be able to out run them easily on the motorway tho'!

Hopefully will save them a bundle on fuel money too!

Just hope they don't try to do a pit manoeuvre or similar as they'll get a nasty surprise when the car says NOPE *BRAKES HARD* 

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There will be no acceleration required out of any of those cars, not a blue light in sight, they are the equivalent of the 1970's Panda Car, good choice for them on fuel and reliability I would suggest

Wales (Ambulance) have a fleet of Hybrid RAV's, and just added some plug in RAV's too, now they do get driven, very hard  

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Ahh good point, my brain automatically filled in the blues and twos :laugh: 

I wonder what sort of mpg they'll get as cruising patrol vehicles!

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PCSO or "community officers" cars for doing general police work like welfare checks and managing bus stops after schools throw out

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I think I have seen a Corolla TS as patrol cars London. I always was saying since 2012 that most police cars should be Toyota hybrids for reducing emissions noise and throwing parts into recycling but again who am I to say it . 😊

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