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RAV4 replacing Jeep Cherokee


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I'm new to the club and the forum.  I have owned and driven many vehicles over the years, from Range Rovers and Land Cruisers to various small sports cars.

For the past 28 years we have owned and driven a Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Sport 4.0 litre, much of the time while working abroad (it's left-hand drive).  But sadly it has reached end-of-life:  the body has begun to rust in critical areas and the necessary welding would be expensive.

So we have just acquired a 2004 Rav4 to replace it.  An early priority has been to sign up to the owners' club.   I found the Jeep clubs invaluable sources of advice and wisdom, and am hoping for the same with the Rav4.

So here goes .... I am drawing up a "to do" list for the Rav4.  The first task is to change the rear door check strap for one which allows the door to open wider.  I have already browsed the forum for advice on that.  The second job is to get underneath and clean and rustproof the chassis and underside of the body as best I can.  Any tips on specific areas to check would be useful.  I'm thinking of trying out "Lanoguard" spray, which is new to me...

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