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Heads Up Display on Corolla GR

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If it's like the one in my Yaris, you can adjust its X-Y position and I think brightness and rotation?

It's in the settings on the main dash display, accessible using the steering wheel controls.


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On 9/24/2022 at 7:49 PM, Jonathan Rowland said:

Does anyone know if its possible to adjust the Heads Up Display (HUD) in the Corolla GR 71 plated?

Yes it is, you can turn it in and off, adjust the position up and down, left and right, if that’s what you mean

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It's a bit counter-intuitive - You select it then click OK to turn it on or off, but have to hold OK to access its config menu

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I can move it up/down and tilt it up/down but I have not found how I can move it left and right. I assume I cant move it, as the built in Sat Nav uses the space on the right to display junctions when in use. 


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