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No Headlights !


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Hi All,

Last night I had been out and after starting up to go home I realised that I had no headlights, dip or main beam so I used side lights and fog lights

to travel approx 4 miles home. I read everything I could on this forum trying to find if any others had this problem so armed with all the info from here,

the first thing I did was try my spare bulb, SUCCESS.

Trying to buy replacement bulbs (pair) was another matter, Halfords no use they had no stock (Eastleigh Hants), eurocarparts I'm too old for another mortgage!

Local Toyota dealer, I thought eurocarparts were taking the proverbial !! 

I ended up at GSF beware if you put in the reg number their site shows stock but of the wrong bulb, but I eventually found the correct fitting and paid over the odds

£43/pair. I needed them today so unable to go online for a better deal. I will order some Nightbreakers on line tomorrow and keep the GSF bulbs as emergency spares.

Must say that even at that price Toyota wanted nearly double that.

In the end all sorted and it's definitely true the bulbs can fail at the same time.

All I need to do is try and "polish up" my headlamp 'glass', I've tried Teecut but will take advice on anything better.

kind regards


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Try your local detailer. They will be able to machine polish the 'glass' and add a protective coating. My detailer charged £50 for this service (not much more than you'd pay for a headlight restoration kit). 

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