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Seat belt sensors


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We loaded the back of the car with 8 x 20k bags of gravel stones a couple of weeks ago and noticed the other day a problem with the rear seat belt lights on the dash. Only noticed this as it was the first time someone else was sat in the rear.

I dropped the rear seats down, connected the seat belts and all worked fine. Can heavy loads affect the seat belt sensors?

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I carry heavy bags of dog food, and other stuff without issue but then again a light bag of shopping on the rear seat can put the light on but I just move the bag slightly off the sensor.

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They can! I have to belt my work bag in as the car thinks it's a person not wearing their seat belt :laugh: 

I used to put it on the rear floor but sadly the Mk4 has less legroom than the Mk2 did so it doesn't quite fit...

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