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Yaris Cross Daylight Running Lights

IT Troll

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13 minutes ago, bathtub tom said:

I thought it was introduced by Volvo back in the 80s. I had it on a 90s reg car.

I didn't say who introduced dim dip. Nonetheless the UK was prosecuted by the EU and quietly to dropped the system. Although some manufacturers continued to fit them until the mid 90's.

Dim dip wasn't on subsequent new Micras we bought in 1990 and 1992, a new Sunny in 1993, a new Concerto in 1994, etc ......

Meanwhile Volvo introduced daytime running lights into the UK in the mid-80's.

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Personally I hate side lights, too many people drive around on them, might as well have glow worms in jam jars.  Especially bad at dusk & dawn, add mist and fog this time of year and it is a recipe for disaster.   I never drive on side lights, stems back to my time in the military living in Germany, you were not allowed to drive on side lights, instant fine by the Polizei.  Only cars that were exempt were Volvo. 

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