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Rav 4 D4D 2011 smokes white.


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Hey everyone, im Rick from The Netherlands, recently got myself a toyota Rav4 2011 d4d-cat 177hp.

The car has a really strange problem wich may sounds familiar to someone. 

The car has 0 fault codes and no power loss or something.

Once its warmed up, it keeps going in a regen mode and it injects diesel through the 5th injector, wich then causes a lot of smoke from the exhaust. 

The DPF is replaced, the pipes from the dpf are opened up (one was clogged), the dpf pressure sensor is replaced, EGR is cleaned (also clogged), filter between intake manifild and map sensor is good. 


Someone who can help me further ?



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There are plenty of potential issues, however there is also a bulletin from Toyota concerning the issue:

EG-0096T-1011 which can affect later #AD## engine cars 

DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may complain that intermittently there is excessive white smoke coming from the exhaust during accelerations. The problem only exists on vehicles that are equipped with a 08-AD engine with DPF or DPNR.

PRODUCTION CHANGE The engine ECU software has been changed

Beyond that who replaced the DPNR, did they reset the learnt values afterwards ( needs to be done to stop ECU treating new DPNR like an used one ) ?

It nay pay to go to www.toyota-tech.eu register for a few hours find and download the diagnostic process for white smoke from the problem symptoms table and work through it.

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actually... i think there is a lot of info in that thread.


the DPF must be blocked and its really only one answer: get it off and remap the ecu or change it, or clean it.

if you block the 5-th inj. then the dpf will get clogged real fast, you can damage the turbo or and the engine.

the 5-th is causing the smoke but not without a good reason: clogged dpf.

i've tried changing all the sensors too, blocking and changing the 5-th inj.  All the solutions before removing the DPF.

i've been smoke free, MOT passed. the engine is happy and the mileage is now decent.


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He says DPF replaced. And mine (different engine I think) only really started the regen white smoke after I replaced mine. 
Sadly, no clear answer. But several places to look!!

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