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Transfer case and actuator options


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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read.

I have a 2003 Hilux SR5, 5 spd manual, 4x4, 3.4L petrol, dual cab utility, VIN JTFDN696000004487, 310,000klms and approximately 200,000klms on the replacement engine. It has the ADD and 4wd button on the transfer case selector in the cabin.

Unfortunately today, I have broken the transfer case actuator motor part number 3641035060. The part that broke is the bottom part of the spring/cog assembly which is turned by the electric motor thread, I would describe it as a thin/weak metal arm that swings between the 2 raised knobs at the bottom of the housing, furthest away from the cog and output thread of the electric motor. It seems to have got caught up when I put the spring/cog assembly back in the wrong orientation, I activated it and it was binding in one direction, and then it sheared off trying to get the spring/cog assembly back out under tension. Basically the spring/cog assembly was one part and then it kind of shattered and all the pieces came off it (cog, spring, washer, arm). Otherwise, the motor looked good and the 2wd/4wd transfer case shaft moves well. I should be able to reassemble enough to lock the transfer case into 2wd but the motor won't work again.

I'm anticipating that individual parts won't be available and that the motor itself will be difficult to obtain for a decent price. I thought perhaps the best option might be a second hand transfer case with motor included/attached which I may be able to get for AU$300-400 or so.  Hopefully the seller/wrecker doesn't even realise they could be sold separately if you know what I mean and then I'd have a spare transfer case as well.

However, I was also wondering if there are other options for either the motor or transfer case itself that fit up that I could look in to? Anything aftermarket or actuator motor or combination of parts from a different model that would work. Seems like 4Runner actuator motors are readily available but I can see they work differently.

I've also done recently:

  • timing belt and water pump including cam seals and front main seal
  • valve cover gaskets and clearance check
  • cleaned up the throttle body, plenum and air intake to get all the stuck sand out
  • spark plugs and all fluids
  • all new steering parts left to right
  • new upper and lower control arms
  • rear prop shaft reconditioned and balanced
  • all new brakes pads, shoes, rotors and drums all around
  • clean and repack front hubs, replacing seals etc.
  • new sway bar links
  • new torsion bar adjusters
  • new handbrake cable and parts
  • set the front ADD into 2wd using vacuum

Thanks in advance!


s-l800 (1).webp

s-l800 (9).webp

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