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Old yaris


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Hi all   Decided to relive youth a bit and I need a runaround
Buying a 2001 VVTI 97000 miles 
Had £2200 spent over last 3 years 

New shocks, discs and pads . Also been serviced every year .

there is corrosion on the on the springs as noted on MOT . I’ve read a bit on here - thanks .

Question - I'm a  mechanical idiot , but don’t want to buy a lemon….( I know it’s 20 years old) where should I look for corrosion and how .

Any advice welcome 



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Hello and welcome to the club.

Just check the advisories on the MOT to tell you where to look,as you already have re springs.

To have a proper look you will have to get it up on a lift, and use a good torch.

Most of the Mk1s seem to have at least some surface rust underside towards the rear of the c pillars.

I am guessing the corrosion that you already know about on the springs is referring to the rear ones.



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31 minutes ago, Ceroli said:

Thanks vm 

Will have a poke around if I can . I know it’s an old car and a punt , just want to eliminate any obvious ones on the way home 🙂

Err.. have I understood correctly?

Do you mean checking after you have bought it?

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It shold be expected that a car of this age will have rust possibly on the subframe and other areas. However rust is an MOT issue and if present it should be noted.

If the car has service history along with receipts for any work done then it is probably fine for a cheap runaround. 

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