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My 1996 RAV4 keeps stalling


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Hi. My Rav4 1996 auto keeps stalling. I've just had it serviced, new file pump, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs etc etc but still stalling. Starts fine but after 5 mins, it stalls. Garage told me it could be the fuel injector but need to take it to an auto electrical garage for diagnostics. Anyone have this similar issue? Any ideas before a spend more money? Thanks

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I see you've changed the fuel pump, have you also you changed the fuel filter?


Can you expand on the stalling and general behaviour of the car for example:

  1. Does it only happen when you use the car from cold or does it happen when the engine is already warm - if so is it still approx 5mins?
  2. After it has stalled how easily does it restart?
  3. Once it has stalled will it stall again later in the journey - if so after how long?
  4. When it stalls what are you doing, I assume pulling away from stationary?
  5. Do you notice any hesitation or other symptoms when you are driving to suggest the engine is not happy eg stuttering under acceleration, brief loss of power etc?
  6. How long have you had the car? If it's a recent purchase has it always done this? If you've had the car a while has the problem suddenly started or has it gradually got worse?
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