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I fixed my 52 plate yaris. Thank god for honest mechanics.


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 It was the ecu. 

There are suspicions what happened. That the ECU was sourced by main dealer and put into the car. But when the car wasnt collected, that it was taken out of the car (well I know this happened, they told me) but I dont think they put new ECU back into car. They charged me for it. My car was the same when I collected it, as it was when RAC towed it there, twice. 

So, I have a 52 plate Toyota mark 1 yaris. With just over 40k and fsh, that drives like a new car. For that I am happy. But it cost me 3 years and over 2 thousand. Thankfully that stopped, due to HONEST mechanics and auto electricians, who really took care of me. Some tested for free. Others charged trade/mates rates. They said I had been through enough. 

Rather than admit to the lie, they let me pay for full service, and they let me pay for ignition switch I paid for a new ECU, either it wasnt fitted into my car, or if it was, I wasnt refunded, or it wasnt repaired/replaced when it was clearly faulty and returned within TWENTY miles. Thankfully there was a new manager at main dealer. He stopped me when I said i was going to pay 640 for chain.... i think he knew. But he couldnt tell me. 

People tell me small claims. Instead, I take the lesson. I learned a lot about cars. And the help of other mechanics, I did get my car repaired. I am over the moon. Those dodgy mechanics, and the manager I know he is gone. I hope the dodgy mechanics are gone too. 

I still love toyota cars. Unbelievable that the unfixable fault, was because the ecu that I thought was replaced, was not replaced. Instead it took me on a wild path with people looking at everything other than ecu. 


I guess you cant even trust main dealer if they think you are female and stupid enough. that, makes me sad. over 2 thousand gone and 3 years.... my car is fixed, by honest competent mechanics. 


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Pleased to hear you have resolved the issue with the car, sounds really a tough ride u have been through. 

I don't know whether you are looking to take any action against the dealership that put u through a lot of hardship. I know I would not let them get away with it, i have taken court action against companies in the past where they really did me wrong and had numerous chances to redress which they did not take. 

* People mentioned small claims have a point, as if what u say is true, it's fraudulent on their part. 

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Glad to hear its sorted and i too would suggest you try and get a claim against them, if you have the energy for it of course. 

Mechanics do have a bad reputation and to an extent its rightly deserved. The industry really has gone to pot - it's also what prompted me to take my tinkering beyond oil changes with cars. There are too many smart alecs in garages with more attitude than knowledge. Finding a good mechanic is really not easy any more.

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