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OBD and CARISTA Readers


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I’m showing my ignorance and lack of knowledge in respect of the above reader thingamajigs  and would like to learn a little bit more about them. First point of call was a Google search but if any member has used these devices and would be willing to share their experiences, I’d be delighted to hear from them.  It would be interesting to find out what the readers were actually used for, their ease of use and if there is any conflict of use with Toyota settings.  I’ve only raised this issue following a advice from the very helpful and knowledgeable “Cyker”  in relation to changing dashboard settings on the Yaris Cross Design model.


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for the price Carista is one of the best adapters available. You can use with both iPhones or Android and works well, however to unlock all functions you will need a subscription. When you sign in on new device they offer one months free. All that if you would like to use with their own app which is good and helpful. You can also use free basic version of their software for engine code diagnostics or with third party apps. ( hybrid assistant or Dr. Prius). I had on of these in my glovebox seating for two years before I needed to use when I had a real issue with my car. If I did not have this device I would not be able to continue my journey home safely and relaxed that nothing more will happen and this saved me tons of money from doing dealers diagnostics. First problem was a faulty speed sensor on one of the wheels, the car gets upset and all lights flashing on dashboard, hybrid system stop working properly, no regenerative braking etc, all that read and understand on the side of the road immediately. Second time helped me read infamous hybrid system malfunction, again helped me see and understand the issue. Car fixed, faults deleted, plus change of few settings about interior lights and belt dings so worth my £47 yearly subscription. Now I have stopped paying but if an issue arises then will subscribe again. Here some photos: 









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16 hours ago, RobertR said:

Does the subscription unlock functionality only for the original app? Or other apps can do everything via this adapter?

The subscription is only for the original app functionality. It works quite normally in other apps as a normal OBDII device to monitor all the manufacturer's PIDs (Process IDentity) provided by the ECUs.

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On 12/8/2022 at 10:21 AM, Jimota said:

 if any member has used these devices and would be willing to share their experiences, I’d be delighted to hear from them.  It would be interesting to find out what the readers were actually used for, their ease of use and if there is any conflict of use with Toyota settings.

First a bit of reassurance. No, there is no conflict with Toyota's settings since you're just reading information that the vehicle (and hence Toyota) makes available to you via that method. Similarly, any settings that can be changed, can only be changed because Toyota made them available to change in the first place using their own (proprietary) software that the dealers use.

As I have posted elsewhere in these forums, I mainly use mine to provide me with a more comprehensive picture of what is going on with the Hybrid Drive Train via an Android app called Hybrid Assistant; whilst I am using the vehicle. A second techy dashboard, if you will, that provides far more real time info than the vehicles inbuilt dashboard provides.

I started out using a cheap Chinese no-name OBDII adaptor from eBay but it quickly showed its limitations in use. I then bought a Carista adaptor which performed a lot better and that's when I graduated from Torque (another Android app) to Hybrid Assistant which, at first, it worked ok with but again, as newer updates for HA came out which placed higher demands on the adaptor in terms of scanning speed, even Carista started to show its weaknesses in that regard. Also, as others have pointed out, it requires a subscription to unlock certain features.

That was when I ended up going to the most expensive available at that time OBDLink LX (search on Amazon) and never looked back. Two advantages to this for the price: 1. It is fast, way fast and the firmware is upgradeable via the included app and 2. The included app does all (and more) than Carista's app does without needing any kind of subscription to "unlock" anything. Finally, OBDLink LX really makes Hybrid Assistant shine as an app for Hybrid vehicles that are not necessarily Toyota only also.

An example screenshot of HA...


(this was generated during a journey on Oct 31st, hence the Pumpkin in place of a brake disc! 😉)

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3 hours ago, bathtub tom said:

I get a no entry symbol on that link.

Should be ok now...

(anyone interested can find out all about Hybrid Assistant here but be warned that it is quite "geeky"! 😉)

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Thanks Colin and Tony for your valuable input and detailed information.  This has certainly wetted my appetite and has encouraged me to look into this further.      I no longer do work on my cars but the thought of being able to monitor and check performance, identify faults, adjust settings and have the ability to instantly ascertain the overall health of a vehicle greatly appeals to me.  My new car just arrived at the dealers today so hopefully I’ll get it next week.  In any case I’ll let you know how I get on.  Cheers! 


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