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IQ 1.3 Battery


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The specification is not shown in my copy of the iQ Owners manual and sites such as eurocarparts.com or Halfords.com show a number if different Battery options with different Amp Hours.

If your current Battery is not genuine / original OEM I'd give your local Toyota main stealer a call and ask what specification should be fitted to your model rather than just renew the same as whatever is under the bonnet as no guarantee that is correct.

Once armed with the specification you can always buy elsewhere if cheaper.

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OEM is a JIS Battery, what year ?, 5, 6 speed manual or Auto ??

Narrowed it down to 2

46B24R (R - right hand negative) - most common one

55D23R (09-2016 6 speed manual)

Be aware these are AGM batteries


46B24R is around £150 for oem (28800-YZZPD), a budget lion brand one (009 AGM) is around £100

AGM is required if the car has stop/start

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Mine is a 2012 1.3 6 speed manual. Don't think its stop start though. Ideally looking for a Bosch one.

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Bosch S4 022 & Bosch S4 023 both seem to fit the bill spec wise.

022 has JIS posts and 023 has DIS post, Do IQs have JIS posts as suggested above as 023 is the one suggested by the interweb...?

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It's a Bosch 023 and it's not JIS terminals as someone had suggested. 



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Hi Mazi.

When I replaced the Battery on my NON stop-start IQ3, I bought a Yuasa HSB 057 "Silver" Battery. According to the manufacturer the amp hour rating is 50 Amp Hour - the original Panasonic was rated at 48 A/H, so similar figures in that respect. However, the cranking amps is rated at 450 Amps which is more than the original. (about 370 Amps I think !) 

The Yuasa did have JS terminals on the Battery - but the battery did come supplied with DIN tapered adapters to allow fitment to the IQ.

The battery was fitted about 3 years ago without problems. The battery fits into the existing tray without any modifications. I think the dimensions were the same as the original. Although the cranking power is more than the original battery, the amp hour rating is similar to the  original so there shouldn't be any alternator /  charging issues.

The battery has carry handles and is maintenance free. 


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Had to order mine through Costco.

I always use Costco for car batteries as they have amazing customer service and returns if you have any problems 

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