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Cleaning plastic trim


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My Yaris Cross is the first 'plastic' car I have had.  My problem is how to clean the plastic, the wheel arch trim, the sill liner, and the tail gate.  There are bits that are slightly scuffed and other that appear to have white polish residue from when the car was first handed over.

What is the bex=st way to restore the black finish?

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Bob, is that a recommendation or not? 🙂

You said 'don't'.  

If you want a not cheap product try Loctite 5ml, the 50ml is twice the price .  Or Gorilla Super Glue Gel 15g, didn't come out the bottle so I guess that will last a long time.

Edited: discovered back to black is a product.  Now I understand.  Also read about the Autoglym but not the gel product.  I have ordered through Amazon, no rush so I have it of subscription at a small discount.

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