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Auris 2014 - nav from 2018?


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Hi fellas!

Is it possible to retrofit the nav from 2018 to a 2014 ?
It sure look like it would fit even though it'll be a mix-match with new and old.

Thing is I recently bought the car, thinking it had GPS but turns out it didn't.
I can get the newer navi with gps-harman box cheaper than the pre-lci one.

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It is always better to get non toyota brand GPS that is often overpriced for the map update. It cost roughly 50€ per year which is insane. I would rather plug my TomTom GPS that has livetime update and more reliable map apps including all speed camera warning.

But I believe we can use the infotainment from different year as long as they have the same version Touch and Go type.  

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Thats a legit statement if one need up-to-date maps. Personally I really don't need it as our road network has been kinda static for ever. A few new neighbourhoods here and there but no major update so to speak.

I have not ordered the facelift navi yet. Cant buy the navi with opportunity to return so i'd love to confirm before I order it 


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I fitted Touch 2 & Go on my 2013 that had Touch, never had gps. 

For me the physical fit was no issue, however I had to diy some of the wiring and I think the antenna.

Everything clicked into place except the connector for the rear camera. My car had 16pin connector wired in, but the Touch 2&Go has 24pin, so I used jumper cables to wire it, have a look my post on the diy. I did buy the parts but never got round to making the adaptor cable.

Touch 2 & Go isbfrom 2014 so you might be ok but double check.

I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me will comeband confirm. 

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Wow thats awesome! Finally someone! 

So I dont misunderstand, every thing clicks in place correct alining with the Pre-facelift fascia (plastics) or did u get the lci fascia and mosofied it aswell? 


All but the rear view cam? That sounds the !Removed!! Thanks! 

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