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Accident with IQ

Belgian IQ driver

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Hi everyone

I have recently had an accident with the Toyota IQ I often drive. Hit someone in the rear at the traffic lights. No one hurt, but my ego.
I can't do anything about the past anymore, I can only try to fix it. It's all superficial damage, the chassis, suspension or alignment isn't impacted.

The damage is substantial enough that I will require a professional to fix it.

The most pressing issue is the air filter housing. This one is damaged and the engine intake bypasses the filter. If I can replace this, I can get my car safely to a repair shop.


Does anyone know  how I could get my hands on this part? The part number is 17705-40120
(I have found this outlet, but is it trustworthy? https://www.xexpress.fr/ref-toyota-17705-40120.html)
I live in Belgium, Europe.


I have added pictures for the people who are interested and want to give tips for things I can do to minimize cost.

Kind regards







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Is the air box beside the radiator intact ? or did it just break the lid

tbh i would get it towed

that looks like it needs a whole front end that will have killed the radiator and a/c condenser

Bumper, Headlight, bonnet, crash bar (bumper reinforcement) slam panel/front valance

it may have to be put on a jig and pulled, TBH it's a write-off (uneconomical repair) a rough guess would be €2000-3000

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Only the "spout" has shattered of the lid of the housing. The radiator has moved, but is not leaking.
It's like the bumper has taken the damage, moved inwards on which the radiator is mounted. I don't think the radiator itself is bent.

Lights are still working an undamaged, only the clips have broken of.

I will indeed listen to the repair shop's advice. After the incident the car was drive home for 25km's. No warning lights or no different driving feel. The alignment and frame seems in order.
The only thing I was able to observe, was a louder exhaust, which might be because the MAF detects the unfiltered air.


I, and my even more technologically inclined brother, think the care is still safe to drive once the air filter is working again. Safe enough to drive to a shop and keeping an eye out for alarming signals.

It would be a shame to not repair it, even with the minimal value.


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Flash 22 may be correct. Get an estimate for full repair costs and it will probably be more than the value of the car. So you will have to take that into account, when considering repair.

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its not so much the damage you can see, but the damage you cant looking at the damage it was around 40-50kph


i'm worried about the giant's thumbprint on the bumper, lol



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Oh wow, the compression looks hard, this link has the original quality https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtW6Kkv2fPiVqa4mc-75bTadi62WIg?e=lJnEzD


The crash was at 15-20kph.

Thnx for al the reactions nonetheless, it prepares me for the worst. Have a sweet spot for this car and this is not the end I want it to have.

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The hires pics are much better

it actually missed the crash/support bar, the slam panel may need some work pulled/replaced, bonnet, bumper, headlight (iirc you can get repair tabs) plus paint if you can get the used parts 1500 euro or less if you can get parts in colour

the forum is mainly UK based so can't really help with parts, a common eBay search term is "Toyota IQ breaking" TBH i don't know how well that translates to French/Dutch

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