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Had the Ghost 2 immobilizer fitted


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I originally went for the Scorpion X immobilizer last week but after numerus attempts to get it to work and nearly 4 hours he gave up as its not compatible and suggested to plumb for the Ghost 2 which I had fitted yesterday, no sooner he had shown me how it works and how to change setting and then he left it took me 5 attempts to fire it up, was panicking a bit as I thought I was going to have to give him a call🙄 same think this morning but got it right on second go. 

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Just want to give a heads up on the Ghost 2, I have had it removed because it wasn't charging when stationary either in drive or park and it was flattening the Hybrid Battery then the car would shut down. It does charge when the vehicle is moving I do believe it was incorrectly fitted or a faulty unit. 

I am going to get another installer to fit another one but I will not let him leave before I have checked it over . It hasn't put me off and hope anyone thinking of getting one is that to check that it charges correctly, I couldn't get it removed for a week and in that time I thought it was a good you had to input the disarm sequence and it would automatically arm itself. Here's a little video of the problem but don't be put off by it if your thinking of getting one.



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Off topic, but how did you change your display to look like that?

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