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Hi All,

Just thought I'd share as others may be interested, as someone who spends all day in databases/excel I'd loved the new connected services however I was annoyed the csv download didn't include MPG by trip as I'd like some idea of trip cost.

With that in mind I looked for anything out there that had that data and to no-avail, but I did find  :https://github.com/DurgNomis-drol/mytoyota, along with my own watching of the api in chrome.

Going on the website in the browser and using "inspect" in chrome on the page it became evident that there was a lot more data captured, I have since taken some python code and re-written along with some finds of my own to create a downloader for the data (not production or other eyes ready) which reads :

1) Fuel and Odometer gives tank percentage and odometer Reading which appears to be sent when ending trip

2) Parking Location lat/Long and the time stamp

3) Trips, each trip has a VIN and unique identifier that can match to the rest of the data :

  • Start and end which have StartTime,Start Address,EndTime,EndAddress - Addresses not very accurate
  • Trip point lat/long of all the steps of the trip, no time stamps but in order also have Highway and Overspeed flags against them!
  • Trip Stats image.thumb.png.b88ec6fa232841e24ddede2615668c91.png 


It's interesting that we are only given access to a small amount of the data in the csv download.

I take all this and throw it into a SQL database which throws some light on common questions :


1) Missing trips I've currently got 904 recorded trips, but also 38 "missing" trips where the car has started from a different location to where it ended (by a distance too big to be gps error!)

2) petrol :image.thumb.png.2aadfb0c55ddf1a72b00d1d13db0d3dd.png

Unfortunately I only started this recently and as the fuel/odo reading is live you have to capture it which is now checked regularly so data will improve over time, but to note that after 5 litres (from a maxed out tank) it was still on 100% I'm expecting 5l overfill (ish) 30l measured 0-100% 2-5l reserve. Although I (almost) never take it below 1 bar!

I also use the Android app Fuelio which I religiously fill in every fuel stop it has a nice feature of saving the data to google drive which my desktop reads and adds to the DB for price and fill data.

3) GPS accuracy is fairly good 99% within 10m of actual location

This is an evolving project :

1) Make it work 

2) Clean up code and optimize.

3) Generate the reports from the data

4) Work on the geo-location side of the DB :

  • Routepoints to roads using OpenStreetmap Data (semi-working)
  • Driven Roads, build a map of regularly driven roads (aspirations of my own route planning using my roads as preferred routes!)
  • Better Geocoding I already have a map of my points which are most of the end points I go to so I get "Home" to "Red Lion" rather than 89 different addresses to 89 other addresses!
  • Waypoints, trips like "home" to "home" are not informative 23 miles but adding in "Paused" places would be more usefull!

To summarise for anyone (still awake) it would be nice if the data was available for people to analyse and build better apps who wish to do so! It may also give other people pause to look at their own projects (who are better programmers) than myself.





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Not on the Aygo Cross unfortunately (well not non my Edge model) data available is by model, the fuel and ODO come under additional information so there may be more items in there for different cars.

I think there is also a "Get Vehicle Status" item which isn't collecting anything for my Aygo but I believe on other models captures door open etc

Two places where data might be!

I found most of the data items by logging into myToyota and in chrome choosing inspect,then Network and Preview as below


Location = Last Car location


1,2,3 are the trips 1 = week 2=month 3=year depending on filter you set.

Waypoint are only on the map in web version and other data may be dependent on what view you get for your car, I don't get ODO data on web but do in the app so the only way to access it to write your own code to access the API (or if you use python the link I provided)

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