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2004 Yaris Clutch Acutator Motor

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I just bought my yaris from a Mod edit and this Mod edit forgot to mention that he had cleared the transmission error using a device.

now after a month of using the car. I was driving it randomly when I came to a stop at a traffic light. I tried moving off and I look at the dashboard for speed. I see car is in neutral and wont move at all. stayed in neutral.  I pushed it to a local garage and they checked with their device and showed no faults.

they told me i had to go somehwere where they fix these. I had to call a revcovery service. they show up and they happen to be mechanics as well. they checked and straight away on their device they see the clutch error. they advice me to buy the part off eBay, reccover it to my house(instead of a local garage who were gonna charge me £250 for labour only). they offered to do it for £100. i thought bargain so agreed. paid the recovery people 90£ forj dropping my car off for 8 miles. not sure that was cheap at all. this happened last saturday and i got the part this past tuesday. since i have been trying to get a hold of this Mod edit and he wont pick up. i dont get why people do dumb Mod edit like this. i have a car that wont go into gear and now i am calling garages, either they dont do it. either they are charging alot. can anyone advice me what to do ? 

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It looks like you have bought the wrong car from the wrong person / place and I am not sure what you can exactly do now, unless pay some more money,  fix it and drive it or part ex for something else. Toyota automatic transmission only cvt or hybrid, or perhaps manual. MMT automated transmissions are nothing but trouble. 

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Unfortunately that is the risk of buying privately. You don't have much option apart from getting it fix or part ex. As above, MMT is trouble, a relative of mine had this problem also. As well, consider getting breakdown cover always, start rescue does a low price 3 stars cover. 

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