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Aygo X fun


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Picking up my Aygo X Pure next Tuesday.  I like basic utilitarian transport and have had everything from a Peugeot 107 to an M5 but the cheap utilitarian cars have always been my favourites....  you have to DRIVE them, not just put your foot down and expect a powerful engine and electronics to flatter you and make everything easy.  With the basic cars you've got to work them to keep the momentum going and I find the pleasure of driving is much more satisfying when YOU are fully in control and not the car.  The fact that you've saved a load of money on purchase & running costs only sweetens it.

When I had my Pug 107 in 2008 (Urban Lite, £6k) I knew that I should have spent the extra grand & got the Aygo.  The Pug leaked like a sieve and the large Scottish dealer group 😉 kept ballsing up more than they managed to fix.  Lesson learned however and one more car purchase from them was more than enough to persuade me to never use them again.

So I sold my pricier car a couple of weeks ago and was genuinely torn between the Aygo X, Picanto, & Sandero.  I decided on the Picanto mainly for economic reasons but that deal turned sour & I cancelled it when the salesman started being wide in his eagerness to get a sale.  It was then down to the Aygo X or Sandero.  I've had a Sandero before and also a Duster.  The Sandero was the £6k Access model and a decent enough car for the money as well as a great sales experience from the dealer near my work at the time.  A few years later and the 2018 Duster was a poorly built POS with rust coming through the paint, an intermittent injector problem that the dealer could never solve, & a dire sales experience - they obviously decided that buying a second car from them meant that they could now take my business for granted.  So with crap dealer experiences from Kia & Dacia, and with multiple family members owning Toyotas and being positive about the dealers, I decided on the Aygo X.

I know it's not quite the spiritual successor to the Mini that the original Ford Ka or Aygo/C1/107 was, but I'm hoping it'll be a modestly fun little car and if looked after it should be bombproof.  The price is such that I'm also buying another motorbike and an e-bike so I'll have a choice of transport options for every occasion 🙂

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19 minutes ago, Jostan said:

I find the pleasure of driving is much more satisfying when YOU are fully in control and not the car.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are not alone. I concur 100%. Part of me loathe modern cars. Utterly boring, uninspiring and lacking any kind of involvement. My big BMW and Lexus are good as a cross-continental express tools(and if you ask them nicely, will go around corners too), but for anything local and where some fun is to be had, I use the Aygo or an older car. Every time.

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I had only tried Aygo from 2020 model, white with red straps. Honestly, I did enjoy a lot for short town runs. This new one I also like how it looks and although may seems bigger it’s not so much actually, same for the Yaris cross. These cars are small minies but with pumped up shoulders. When you open the bonnet you can see unnecessary lift up on the fenders, just keep with the high line of the car overall design. Anyway, I believe they are fun to drive too, but we may need some time to adjust and accept them. 

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