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Verso brake pedal


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Hi iv had my 2013 verso for over a year never had any warning lights or problems with the brakes at all.....


So the last few weeks brakes have been making a squealing noise took it to a mechanic who said he would clean the brakes up and the sliding pins with grease, got the car back noise is better but no 100% gone mechanic said your abs pump is on the way out i thort never ever had a problem with abs no lights brakes good no leaks ever etc so next day i get in car turn engine on put foot on brake and it slowely starts sinking to the fllor if i put hold it down i can go out drive it but the pedal does go down low if i hold it down with some force never did this,

Just spoke to mechanic said about it he said straight away i need a new abs pump ???

Would love some thorts on this one lol


Thanks for any help

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Normally to check the brake servo is working correctly, with the engine off pump the brake pedal about 10 to 12 times till the pedal goes hard keep your foot pressed down on the pedal do not take your foot off, now start the car when the engine starts the brake pedal should go further down, if the pedal does not go down and remains hard there is a fault on the servo usually the big diaphragm in the servo.

check this video, some tests you can do with the abs if you have a multi meter.


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Thanks for the reply just pumped the brake went hard after 5 pumps kept foot on started engine and pedal went down about half way.....

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Also fogot to say sometimes if i keep pressure on the pedal gos down far and then the traction control light starts flashing on the dash.... then goes away

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