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2008 Toyota Auris


Hey everyone. So admitdly I am not an Auris owner but my mother in law is and some girl on her phone ran a stop sign and wiped the entire right side of the car amd she was driving without insurance so now im fixing it. The door and fender has been sourced (even same colour code) the A pillar is good, hood is good and even the headlight. My issue is with the tire. For the life of me I can find why is has such negative camber. The knuckle is good, tortion bar, strut, control arm is all good. The only thing I havent removed is the strut ( didnt have the right size wrench at the time). I was able to see under the dust boot and the strut rod doesnt appear bent and from what ive seen on the internets there is no camber adjustment on the top hat so Im asking if anyone has any idea or dealt with this before. When I unbolt the knuckle I can straighten the wheel and even get the bottom knuckle bolt back in. But the top one is still out by about a cm.  The link is to a picture of the car. Any info would be helpful as Im unfamiliar with Toyota, I work on heavy equipment and occasionally Audis.

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I can’t help but only can say that this is not right and there is definitely something that needs to be changed before you try to align the front end. Perhaps a new suspension arm, shock absorber and knuckle any of these or all of them. The tyre should not stay that way. 

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If The appron is still fine, conrol arms replacement is not that expensive.  If the subframe got damaged and the caster is out of alignment, you will have a constant pull to right/left however it does not effect the tire wear. When replacing the control arms and ball joint, always get original Toyota parts or it will break in matters of months. The rubber quality and ball joints in OEM parts are not comparable to any aftermarket. Not even ZF or premium brands can. 

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