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Android Auto or Phone?

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On my MY 21 Yaris Cross I had both phone connection and android auto projection using an old mobile.  Just upgraded to a Samsung A14.  I can get wired Android Auto or Mobile Phone but not both.  With AA on the system I can call a phone number but get a very quiet message saying I need a BT connection.  

How can I establish the audio connection as well as the AA?

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AA includes phone/BT etc.  You may want to check permissions.   Go into settings,  apps, all apps and find AA.  Check it has all permissions. Strangely you don't have to have location, but most others are important if you want everything to work.

You can also remove it from the car which might help, and, when in the above, choose additional settings in the app and AA will open on the phone.  I would 'forget' the Toyota entry and let it set itself up again.  You can also change the layout so navigation is closer to driver on the new cool walk windowed AA experience.


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Rob, update, then noticed my Sim card is not recognised.   Need to speak with my provider tomorrow. 

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