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2017 Touring Excel Boot floor


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I read that toyota redesigned the entire boot floor for the facelifted Auris but does anyone know of any ways to raise that boot floor?

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I don't thing there is any change on the boot besides the insulations.   They are always 2 decks floor. The bottom can fit full size 16" wheel 205/55R16 and the top one can still be used for thinner stuffs like first aid, jacket, etc.  

The floor is completely flat from the loading zone and still flat when the rear seats is folded.  I am not sure what are you talking about or want from something already excellent. 


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In the UK at least the 2015 facelift altered the layout of the boot floor, pre face lift models had no spare wheel as standard but double level floors and adding a spare wheel raised the lower boot floor close to the upper deck and negating the dual floor benefit.

The lack of spare and resulting poor floor design if was spare was added was a point of customer complaint so with the 2015 face lift Toyota redesigned the rear floor setup adding a Spare wheel as standard raising the lower floor as before but also removing the upper deck option .

The redesign meant the upper deck from earlier models no longer fitted and no upper deck was made to suit the redesign.

2015 On UK TS boot setup:


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We can put double deck on facelift too. Just like the older one. 

I have face lift version without spare wheel and giant Styrofoam on the lower deck. I took the Styrofoam out, place 16" full size wheel (winter tires) set and put all junks inside the wheel well. I can fit original Toyota jack, and place the 21mm wrench and breaker bar on the second deck. Things are great there. Fully used and well packed. 

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This is what I had in my facelift 2016. We got 2 deckers floor too. Or anything from 2013 fit just fine.



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