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Electrically folding door mirrors.


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Yesterday, I decided to see if my C-HR door mirrors could be kept folded in whilst manoeuvring the car under power.  The result was yes, they will stay folded in during manoeuvring.   

My reason for checking this is because I intend to buy a camper van, and the mirrors will have to fold in during manoeuvring in order for it to pass between tall gateposts.  The camper van I am looking for will not be more than three years old, and will be built in a Fiat Ducato body.  It’s along shot, but it would be great if someone on the forum has knowledge of this vehicle. 

Clearance between my gateposts is 91 inches.  Wanting to know the above info, plus the vehicle width over the folded in mirrors, I phoned two motorhome dealers (one did not come back and the other said come and check it yourself - a round trip of over 60 miles, and nearest dealer to me) So I phoned Elddis, the converters of the camper van I am after - the lady on reception could not answer my question, and no offer to find out and call me back was given.

I would think that many purchasers of these vehicles have restricted side entrances to their properties, so why don’t manufacturers/dealerships include such important details in their literature?

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