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Bluetooth radio?

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My son has recently bought a 08 reg Aygo with only 38k on the clock. Lovely little car.

Anyway he would like to fit a more modern radio which he car bluetooth to his phone for music. He's got one of those charger radio adaptors which works but occasionally throws a wobbler so he'd like to get a proper radio. Anyone done this? If so how do you get a new fascia?

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Hi Malcolm,

Yes it can be done as I've done it myself, for the fascia you will need one of these:


For the radio, there are loads of single din bluetooth radios on Amazon and eBay ranging from about £15 upwards.

For fitting the radio and fascia, it's very simple but there is a very good review at the bottom of the above link which explains in detail how to fit it.  As far as the radio is concerned, please don't be tempted with the cheap units, poor quality, bare wire connectors and general disappointment.

If you go for something a bit dearer, it should come with the ISO connectors fitted to the wires so it's simply, remove the oval radio fascia from the car, remove the radio, fit the new one and remember that you will probably have to swap the yellow and red wires to get a constant 12v feed.  Some ISO connectors come with bullet connectors on the red and yellow wires so you can swap them over.

If you have any problems ask again but there are many You Tube "How to" videos on removing and replacing a stereo in an Aygo/C1/Peugeot 107.....Honestly it's a 20 minute job and it makes all the difference as the standard radio in an Aygo isn't ever going to win a beauty contest, is it?:down:

Anyway happy hunting and good luck! :thumbsup:

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As above, fascia adapters available for standard single din stereos. When removing the original radio remember to remove heater control knob and screw hidden behind it then the standard stereo and fascia just pulls out/off. Your vintage Aygo should have standard ISO connectors, so fairly easy to plug n play to new stereo. Depending on your budget, maybe consider upgrading the front Speakers and/or add rear Speakers to make full use of new stereo and if he cranks it up to 11 a decent make more channel amped stereo will only ruin the standard weedy paper Speakers

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