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Estima help with which modal


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Hello all 

Im sure you have been asked this question many times but really could do with your help. We are previous Nissan elgrand owners 3.5 v6 but due to the size the mrs struggles to drive it so we are looking at the estima 

just wanted to ask is there much difference in miles per gallon between the 2.4 and the 3.5 petrol and is the 3.5 the same engine that’s in the Nissan 350z and the 3.5 elgrands? 


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15 minutes ago, Mjay1982 said:

is the 3.5 the same engine that’s in the Nissan 350z and the 3.5 elgrands?

No. The Toyota GR series of engines have been used in various Toyota, Lexus and Lotus models since 2002 - nothing to do with the Nissan engine.

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Mpg..?...I guess it depends what you want from your vehicle...and what sort of journeys you do.

Overall I doubt there is a massive difference in mpg..the Estima is still a sizeable bus weightwise.

I have the 3 litre V6 (MkII. 1mz-fe engine) and love it's power and smoothness...but I only do about 4k miles p.a. (it isn't our only car) so fuel costs are not something I get too concerned about.

I've had my V6 for nearly 8 years now and it's been a gem on every level....certainly wouldn't change it for a 2.4.

Good luck whatever you choose. The Estima is a great vehicle.

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