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Dashmat/DRLs/AC power points


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Trying to find a beige or sand coloured dashmat, they seem to be rare ?

Also has anyone fitted daytime running lights ? Or got solutions for AC power points to make them more usable in Australia?

Multiple questions I know.

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Hi Sa'id, Beige and sand colored dash mats aren't necessarily rare, but they might not be as common as black or gray. You can try searching online retailers like https://www.amazon.com/ or https://www.ebay.com/ using keywords like "beige dash mat" or "sand colored dashboard cover. (dash mat) on Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/

I believe that daytime running lights (DRLs) are not mandatory in Australia, but they can improve a vehicle's visibility during the day. 

Installing DRLs can be a difficult process if you haven't done anything like this before, so it's important to be confident in your electrical and diy skills.Its possible that there may be specific regulations regarding the type and color of DRLs that are legal in Australia. I would check before making any modifications.

Regarding AC points i am not sure if this is for a holiday or you are looking to live out there.As for AC power points in Australia, there are a few things you can try to make them more usable.

You can purchase a travel adapter that will convert the plug on your device to the Australian standard.

Some devices, such as laptops and phone chargers, are dual voltage, which means they can be used with different power outlets around the world.

You can use a USB power adapter to charge your devices from your car's USB port.I hope this helps.:smile:


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Why do you want a beige one out of curiosity? They're meant to cut down dash reflection, which is why they're usually matt black; A beige one would be really horrible when the sun's out - Unless your windscreen is very vertical, the beige cover would reflect into it and you wouldn't be able to see anything in bright sunlight¬

I remember a C1 I had as a courtesy car - It had a black dash top with lots of little silver highlights, and in the sun they reflected off the windscreen, and it was like trying to drive through rain without working windscreen wipers! :eek: 


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The interior is a beige or sand colour. I have found one actually online.

With ac points I meant the two 1500w plug points in the Estima.

DRLs would be fitted by Auto Electrician, I just need to find some LOL.


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Hi,Sa'id, Two 1500w outlets in your Estima gives you even more flexibility for using high wattage appliances in Australia, while still maintaining safety.

With two outlets, you can potentially power even more devices. Utilise high quality travel adapters with Australian plugs (Type I) and ensure they are rated for at least 1500w each to handle the full capacity of each outlet.

Consider using two separate power boards, each with multiple Australian plugs. This provides more flexibility and avoids overloading a single board. Choose power boards exceeding 1500w rating to accommodate potential combined wattage. Remember, even with 3000w total available, appliance voltage compatibility is essential. Double check the voltage rating of your appliances before using them with adapters. Look for appliances compatible with Australia's 240V or consult a electrician for safe voltage conversion if needed. As you have two outlets, ensure you carefully calculate the total wattage of devices you plan to connect to each outlet. Never exceed the 1500w limit of a single outlet or the power board's rating.

Proper ventilation is crucial around power boards and devices to prevent overheating. Avoid coiling cords while in use.

Inspect cords, adapters, and power boards for damage before each use. Discontinue use if you find cracks, fraying, or loose connections

If you're unsure about appliance compatibility, voltage conversion needs, or permanent modifications to the car's electrical system, consult a qualified auto electrician in Australia. They can ensure a safe and compliant usage of the high-wattage AC outlets in your Estima.

You can significantly enhance the usability of your Estima's dual 1500w AC outlets in Australia, making the most of this feature while prioritising safety.The specific features and limitations of the outlets might vary depending on your Estima model and region. You might want to look at your owner's manual. Hope this helps

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